Next week Another Solo Level uo


Next week Another Solo Level up. Really😡 every week zur sane


I am really freaking hoping they change this like they changed the Faction Level up to Solo this weekend. Dual Fac events might have gotten my fac interested aside from the prizes being flaming dog shit. Our biggest facs are calling this a Vacation weekend and only one person in my regio is over one million…

The stupid git is at 3 mil for some reason for a damn Romanov.


Jesus… im sorry


and that is exactly why scope doesn’t care about pur prize concerns. obviously they can just throw out whatever and tools will run for it. 5 million they should be ashamed


More than 6 months.


Morfeo,vk, and many anonymous loaders been running around about a year at least but hell if they aint making a tidy sum on people who cant or wont play the game straight.

And before anyone says anything, yeah I have considered it, who hasn’t? It just aint right all in all and i play for fun competition not as a job.


What a bunch of dumb asses lol