Next war, 6vs6 Or 8vs8?

Hello everybody!
Some informations on the war next week-end ?
6 vs 6 Or 8 vs 8?

both depending on which wave ur region is. there is separate thread for upcoming war weekend.

@Valjeanval - I will have this information provided to you via the usual Wars threads later this week.

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Or becouse Scopely dont know what they wrote themself
Region 1a will have 8v8
Rest of the realms will have 6v6


Please a Region war , were getting sick of this endless CRW . We want to know who’s the top fac in our server

Yes you are correct in referring to this thread and where to get the information :slight_smile:

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Please try for 6v6, to benefit the factions with lower activities. There are a lot of em. Nothing’s worse than waiting for hours yelling in FC “One More Please” and eventually giving up. I reckon it’s a more significant issue than filling fast and not being able to join at that moment.
Thanks GR. :sparkles:

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There’s something worse than that…
Not getting your milestones because your faction is too active and fills too fast in 6v6. Happened to me last CRW, after many many wars with milestones completed… Add a laggy connection to that, and you’ve got the recipe for disaster.

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Hopefully your faction cuts slack for blitz, since that sucks balls

Problem is you can’t blame them… Once you get the milestones, you still want to push and get more points, and maybe more S Class collectibles from crates…
But it was a bummer, to be fair. I remember scoring 340k in a CRW, a couple of months back, and not being able to get my last milestone really sucked.

Yes I’m sure not getting milestones because your faction is just too awesome and active is much worse than not getting milestones because it takes hours for the queue to fill…



Im â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  tired of CRW. Blitz, AOW, hordes, are things of the past. I liked hordes since I like the zombies and mainly those x10 basils. I would like another horde stash with a non exclusive toon.

Many regions aren’t active enough for AOW - a league based war might work though (and also allow matching more similar strength factions.)

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@Bepis - To be fair, the schedule is pretty much set and has been communicated a while ago with those settings and therefore, I don’t expect that the format will change for those specific wars. That being said, I can ask for this format for future wars.

10/18/19 11/1/19 11/15/19 12/06/19 12/20/19 01/03/20 1/17/20
Qualification CRW Qualification CRW REST PERIOD CRW Qualification CRW Qualification CRW REST PERIOD CRW Qualification CRW
6v6 (All Regions) 8v8 (All Waves) 6v6 CRW (All Waves) Note that scores will not be tracked 8v8 (Wave 1A) 6v6 (Wave 1B - 3) 8v8 (Wave 1A) 6v6 (Wave 1B - 3) 6v6 CRW (All Waves) Note that scores will not be tracked 8v8 (Wave 1A) 6v6 (Wave 1B - 3)



@GR.Scopely, since you said that schedules have been set, and by definition and event schedule involves list of participants, perhaps you can finally answer my question if my region Bledsoe is getting AOW so can partake in this event like all other regions.

when he means set, its code for go away stop asking questions cause I dont know
I’ll take it to the team

So if I’m not in, it will be a 6v6? Correct?
Thanks for the information.

I will provide all the information regarding the upcoming Wars by tomorrow.

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