Next update to 5* token-wheel?

Isnt it about time to reset it again? Pictures told more then words.


Okay, 5* Harlan and 5* Red Rick to be added soon.


Better than nothing.

Just because you have all the toons doesn’t mean everyone does. Also 140k isn’t a lot of 5 star tokens :man_shrugging:

This was my intention to ask. Are there more players with all toons waiting for next update, or not?

Not everyone will get all the toons because there will always be new players that will miss out on these wheels. I missed out on getting Mirabelle and Shiva when I started on a new region but that’s that. I’m in favor of a wheel update.


Updating the wheel every 3 or 4 months would at least give people a chance to pull a toon that’s current with the meta.
Tbh there really should be an “ascendable” wheel. We have over 100 6* and a good majority of those are out dated. Alot of people like collecting rooms and are happy in pulling a 5* they never owned or a 6* that’s maybe not war worthy but Sr worthy. Doesn’t need to be stacked with amazing options. I’d say mirabelle, carl, shiva, koa, winter edition toons, zeek, kal, any past league toons, alpha, Tyrese, anna, morgan, carly, and many others are available via ascendance, 5* wheel, or recent events. Why not have a wheel with another Avenue to get them. Even if this wheel is a said war wheel with daily decent premieres sprinkled in.


Iv asked this question for 2 weeks. Some reason @JB.Scopely cant just answer a simple question, yet is clearly active and answering questions he wants to


not with an exponentially increased pace of meta movement. Makes total sense for an update every six months, or less.

I have not pulled a single 1 of the ascendables since update :’(

This game is not just for you, you got all those toons and im not and other not smh

Since 6.5*s are a thing, maybe the wheel could be updated with toons like Eric, Donnie, future ascendable Rick, etc at some point in the future?

You can just try and get Donnie and Eric from acendance though.

That, I already have them both because of supply depot and ascendance. But extra opportunities could be nice.

Took me forever to get Aris , the last one i was missing .
Now saving for the eventual change / update .

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