Next Update suggested Major Improvement

Leveling up characters is a nightmare like never before. There is so many toons to level up not enough trainers or gear to level them up. Plus training grounds has never been revised since 5* toons been around. Lots of updates been pushed through this game not enough resources to get are toons ready on the battle field. We need a much faster way to level up are characters to have them ready for battle when we need them.


I must admit I didn’t like it at first, but it’s quicker.
As long as you lock anything you don’t want to disappear, I found this out the hard way.

Before you could be levelling up a character, select 10 basil’s for example and it use all of them up even if you maybe only needed to use 5. Obviously that’s a stupid blasé example.

Now it only uses the correct amount for each level.

I think Bo could be buffed a bit because you now do seem to get through a heck of a lot of him compared to using 2 star trained characters.

Everything does need a tweak, food, gear etc etc but I do think with all these random pop up events they’re definitely now trying to appease us. There’s about 3 or 4 random events on at the moment with all rewards aimed at gear or trainers.


Once you get used to it. Level up is a lot quicker


I think he’s referring to the required resources (trainers, gear, etc.) and the inability to obtain enough for leveling up.


Agreed, and to tie it back to OP’s point, it’s really fast to burn through all your resources now and then stall.


Exactly not enough resources guys. The 6* toons was a nightmare too. But now we have S class toons now it just makes it even more worse. Training grounds have never been revised its still in the 5* era.

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Same everything locked now apart from Bo atm🤗

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besides the training ground and the trainers need buffing… the cap also needs to be addressed. bo at 250 cap is just crazy.

the caps should be no less than 1000.

and for the love of god, can we please have training ground as initial page instead of trainer trading page?


Yeh Bo, needs to be at 1k minimum

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Agree twofold. A psychological effect is also at play here - with no persona bonus you are much more likely to spend your trainers on 6* toons maxing renown gain but completely undermine the foundations of your level up pyramid.

You can milk all your 6* for better points initially, but as they get close to maxed, you’ll see fewer and fewer renown gained for same number of XP used. Burning up all high tier 5* as a result will leave your roster crippled to fail to score even 1mil in a future level up…

So people temporarily welcome the update as a good one, as level up is easier, faster and seemingly more rewarding, but once the level up roster mix gets adjusted to the new level up structure even those happy go lucky players will start to complain how tedious and boring the level up tournies will have become…

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