Next Toon To Become Ascendable?


I think even deleting game till mid 2018 is better option cause today only fun is pouring salt over forum, then at least we’ll have more variety of stuff to play with and game will gain additional 5% change.


Christmas is coming


We need a release schedule for old toons. Bottom line.
I won’t make it to early 2018, fighting with the same boring team as everyone else.
None of the new 6* premier recruits have been enticing enough for me to justify spending on either.


LMAO @ the current velocity meaning that ‘early 2018’ must mean end of 3rd quarter.


I’ve seen Gator – along with a list of others being designed.

Based on the comics I’m not really feeling super excited for any of these. I’m also hoping Lori isn’t awesome so I don’t have to convince myself I like her haha.

I did ask if anyone was going to be super awesome – sounds like they will all be balanced similarly. This makes me sad because I really really wanted Gator to be absolutely fantastic haha


There should be an old character every week that is ascendable. Enough trying to only make money. The game is boring and more and more are quitting. I don’t know what the plan is here, but it’s not good.


Oh gosh . I hold this pathetic Gator only as a hope for an ascendance. Only.
But my patience is over, I need a donor for others and it seems I will kill this piece of sh$t! At last!


Some of these are ready now, we’ve seen the governor, Glen and a few others, what we need is a ‘when’?

Appreciate the reply, but an actual update would be great.


‘Early 2018’



I think the original intention was for 6*'s to be marginally better than a maxed 5* at least until they hit tiers 3 and 4 and only to be components of team mixes. Then the 6*'s got buffed and made 5*'s all but obsolete and only a few capable of being mixed into team make up. I still think the dog tag team cap would be a great idea and eliminate the 5-6* teams. And to further that thought line do the same for weapon strength. Make it so players need to balance an overall cap of toons and weapons by making strategic choices within the cap. This would bring back some raiding strategy instead of what is now almost an auto assemble for your team.


It’s getting stupid now. I never bag on this forum, but each week which goes by without the promised characters being released is killing the game. This needs prioritising, we need about 5 or 6 now.