Next Toon To Become Ascendable?


Around 6 weeks ago @kalishane gave us a list of around 12 toons that were going to become ascendable by early 2018.

So, any idea when we’ll start seeing these? Will we have to wait until next year for any? Or are Scopely hoping we forget about it while you release a premier recruit 6* every week?

An official update on whether this is still going ahead & if so when, would be greatly appreciated by the community.


God no, too soon. I really enjoy seeing teams built from the same characters over and over and over again.


Indeed we all memorized every possible(!) setup :rofl:


Not so hard when you can count the possible permutations on one hand…


Now come on, this is an exaggeration. Some people may have Mirabelle with Tyreese, Tyreese, Tyreese & Tyreese while other have Mirabelle with Tyreese, Tyreese, Tyreese & Abe & in extreme cases some go with Mirabelle with Tyreese, Tyreese, Siddiq & Abe.

There are literally a few different variations!


Sometimes people even put 6* zeke on a mirabelle defense to spice things up. Cutting edge stuff right there, really pushing the boundaries of the meta.


In a couple of weeks you can add Dwight to that list as well


Oh stahp it you! There will be time when y’all start to miss this meta, just try to remember how great it was fighting each other’s with Olivia, Carl and Doc. What a magnificent game that was… #ItWasBetterBefore

Cutting the crap, this needs to stop, asap. Gimme dem Glenn and governor come on!


Team is workin’ really hard captain, but those damn pancakes got in our way! I think scopely will add another premiere toon ascendable to ease the masses lol


And another week with no old toon becoming ascendable.

Today’s premier is Beta.


Thank god it is premiere, I didn’t expect it nowhere around as tournament rewards cause you know “visual glitches”…


God damn visual glitches preventing us getting a non-ascendable 5 star…


It’s getting to the point of expecting it to never happen, from Legendary toons will never be available from premier recruits to that being pretty much the only place you can get them.

Only thing in any doubt it whether this was an intentional lie or simply them not knowing what they’re doing.


Probably both :joy:


Come on @kalishane

At least let us know if we’ll see a toon become ascendable this month, or maybe next. anything?



Christmas rick was on the list, at this rate I think him becoming ascendable for one day only (25th Dec) may be all we can even hope for this year.


Early 2018…



Wouldn’t come as a shock.

Dwight & Siddiq have become ascendable through events, wonder if this is how all of them will become ascendable. If it is then one every 6/7/8 weeks is going to be painstakingly long before any variety starts to show.

There’s just nothing to get us engaging with the game, everything is a long boring grind. I always though it would be one massive fuck up that would kill off the game with a high volume of players leaving at the same time & for the same reason.

Actually seems that people are slowly drifting away over the course of months because they became bored.


Couldn’t expand on that could you, so we know exactly what you’re lmaoing at.


I had thought to read before 2018 for the list but if it is early 2018 and they have difficulties to accommodate its 5 * in 6 *, why come out of 6 * Prestige?

Too bad because the meta is 75% composed of Mirabelle, Carl, Shiva, Tyreese, Siddiq, Yumiko, Ezechiel etc … and few new 6 * purchasable.

It has become redundant especially since the increase in statistics of 6 *. The 5 * are worth nothing to see begin to no longer serve little by little for some.

The list proposed good combinations but we will wait for 2018, mid 2018 or end 2018? Finally I will still be there but it will not necessarily be the case for some.

Boring the word is there. There are things to do but in terms of wars, it’s boring. We no longer think about team building knowing that the same characters will come back again and again. The beginning of the 6 * is like the beginning of the 5 * but longer.