Next toon leak premium wheel

I’m going to bed but there are 2h left before the refresh , anyone know the next toon?

Might be the new toon that there are several threads about

The S class one? Ergh… Please no


Nice f2p toon lol :joy:

Guaranteed after 250 pulls their greed just amazes me

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That’s for one five star. You need two plus items.

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Yup collection items plus 2 of him this speaks volumes of the way they want the game to go

With blue keys and ice cream, it seems like they are switching to a shard/token like model, where you can effectively grind for characters over a very long term, or pay money upfront to get them immediately.

I don’t think the model works well in the way that Scopely does it though - here, you have a very high cost to get the character initially (esp. the s-class version), but then you’re effectively done. Usually, such models give you the character relatively quickly, but you then need lots of shards/tokens to max them

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Agreed scopely haven’t got a clue by the time a f2p gets one of these s class they will be outdated

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