Next time, warn that they will give more benefits to ToC players

We already knew that ToC players would have war rewards, but why did they also benefit them with so many league points? My faction (we did not participate in ToC) was all week first to start in diamond IV. The war is over and we are seventh! The first has 230k more points than our faction. The sixth has taken us 20k. The eighth (also ToC faction) is 9k ours. Why have they given so many league points for the war? Factions that have not participated in the war have also been playing. Now we have to start in Diamond III and ascend (if the eighth does not beat us)


I’m not interested in participating in ToC. Our faction competed in tournaments of assaults, taking 100k of difference to the second (of our region) to start this week in Diamond IV and then we are disappointed that the ToC players have given them a beastly amount of league points. faction. If Scopely had warned that the ToC players were going to give them league point fortunes, my faction would not have been spending all the drums they spent and the time I spent spending them.

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Probably because war generates more league points points than raid tourney. Prob why you guys dropped but can not say for sure

Friends with benefits!

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Next time Wtf :hugs:

Yep it’s that unlevel playing field rearing its head again☹️

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If they have Toc we should of had CRW but they are not that clever at Scopes (understatement) and did not see this :hugs:

I don’t think there will ever be another TOC. But yes, completely unfair for outside regions not to have an AOW blitz.

I did not know people still cared about leagues.

Next time they’ll bring a Cow to shit on y’all

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