Next stash/event leaks expectations

Better be collectibles in whatever… otherwise don’t make it lol

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Yeah because they’re gonna do what you tell them to do.

On USA The Halloween is near so maybe they will release and Halloween event

Collectibles ? Maybe…
A good toon? Pretty sure it’s not the case.
A free ascendable ? Maggie if you were lucky to obtain her.
A RNG wheel ? The war wheel with 4 toons…

So atm there is no leaks about this. Maybe the update will be released after the crw.

I hope there’s a collection for blue shane


The anticipointment is killing me

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If Halloween is near, they’ll probably release a St Patrick’s day or Valentines day event going on past form.


Nah if memory serves me correct they have some terrible p2p collection at halloween.

Unless it’s a host of Sclass, who will spend on it though?

If you think you’re in for some treats from Scopely, your probably mistaken, it was tricks last year, like a halloween offer you could buy, big let down.

People probably bought these beads some will buy near anything

Expectations? I expect it to be no different than the Typhoon of Shite event, Feast or Famine event, Road Warrior event, Christmas event and basically every event they run. Made to look like it’s f2p attainable through grinding when in actuality it’s not.


Maybe we will see our long lost plushies?


Expect an event where players can get a decent toon without emptying their wallets. Halloween = wheel tokens etc expecting a decap sandy. Happy halloween. It’s mid October and the only pumpkin I’ve seen is some guys belly expect him to cover it up.

Do roadmap to collect brooms, exchange those for pumpkin head tokens to obtain Grave crates, in that crate 80% chances of trainers, 10% gears, 8% chance of getting Lilith, Ulysses…2% chance of getting a gen1 6* Victor …

Jk, it’ll be way worse loool

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One things for sure if this event stinks if there is one, there gonna lose a lot more of the player base


Same :slight_smile:

better be a collection for a toon I got. Or Im gonna be pissed.

Also vk leaks has been quiet.

Yeah same

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