Next season league store?

Has there been any rumours or word on what next seasons league store items will be ? More card boxes and weapons I guess ?

Not yet. Hope it’s less boring than the last one


I appreciated the big ole stack of princess cards, but I am mostly saving my coins and hoping for something good next season.

I already had 2 Princesses lol. I got the Tiff cards

For sure it was nice to have her there for everyone else though.


I don’t really know if Tiffany is good or not, I just know that I see very pretty much never in wars and onslaught so im gambling that the tokens will be more useful next season.

I like her 5 star and have some nichey ideas for her. But she is almost universally disliked. I kinda want to find the good things about her

I saved my tokens so I hope the next store has something worth buying :crossed_fingers:t2:

I see a Clementine or a Louis better than a Tiffany

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