Next season format

Just read the news article about season 12. Seems like by and large, the community has been heard about their distaste for the leagues format.

Are we looking at a return to the old format? What advantages does the new format have?


Probably less coins like this season

Well they are allowing you to get demoted towards the top end, so maybe you’ll be able to sandbag a few stretches and catch a payday

Theyve been good at listening to feedback for a good few months now. Looks much better, although I personally liked the high trophy rewards for arenas.

Not a fan of them running the same weapons though.

Also the Paragon mod is not worth going for imo. As long as any level of ap drain procs then the toon isn’t ARing without additional ap gain or a command. Thats why i don’t think the 50ap drain craft is that much better than the 30ap drain craft. I’m quite happy it’s not worth pushing for as I can relax and not have the pressure to gain the Paragon mod that I felt last season :slight_smile:


I have trouble sandbagging lol

I would suspect that the reason the weapons are the same is because they had such a big pricetag. New ones would be nice, but I bet they got strong feedback from people trying to save up for them

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I think season 11 format would be okay with the smaller groupings change. They really backpedalled


It seems like they are returning to the old league format with demotions but keeping the reduced coins and while the pool will not be as large as season elevens it’s still about twice the size of seasons past.

I do think the reduction of trophies in arenas might help but I’m wondering if that will just make it more important to do well in raids and SR where only the people who burn a boatload of cans have any chance to win.

They also put zero effort into the league store. Repeats of the same two weapons and just added 3 new toons cards in an amount that does very little. What is the point of 2500 when we need 10,000?


My plan this season is to horde store tokens. Fingers crossed next season swings the other way and I’ll be rich enough to take advantage


Depending on how much is drained. It can stop the toon from rushing for 1-3 turns depending on leaders/weapons and such. In the case of the paragon mod, it can fully reset some toons ap back to zero.

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Season 12 store is already bullshit IMHO. Seriously, same 5* weapons? You better come up with something new and shiny.

I am even more “amazed” by Jason cards - I reached Platinum 3 and got 6000 of these cards and 2 Jasons, so what do people who already have them get? Nothing!


I would like to see the structure of next season because this one literally made me less active.


True, but I hope my raids are over long before that’s built up again so it will rarely make a difference. Not enough to push hard for a couple of months anyway.

What do you think of the lifesteal? I’m curious to see if anyone has done something very useful with it.

I’m glad they have listened and tried to make some changes. I’m going to reserve judgement until I see how it goes.

The season store is very disappointing though. Guess I’ll continue to save my tokens :smirk:


Almost everything about this seems bad to me. Back to fighting not to get promoted every single week…


On a tanked up Shiva who is in a line with Frost on a Pete team. There is also a very heavily modded Jessie on that team who has a very tanked up Blunderbuss. Jessie is in line with a Trader.
Still working on Shivas weapon as I keep trying for 10% hp per turn for each debuff, so she still has 3 crafts left on an impair weapon (will eventually replace with a impair-elusive). It has a huge on attack, 35%hp (with 3 crafts left so will be 45% hp after the 4th slot) and Pete gives her huge on def so she will be ARing regularly, especially with taunt for that juicy +50% bonus hp.

My Shiva has a good defence and great hp so weathers basic attacks easily, can’t be ARd unless normalised or unless the AR does under 30% hp as she will take out toons with payback, is giving herself +50% bonus hp regularly, will often have 300% def and focus due to Jessie (ill post my Jessie below so you can see that she has pretty much Sclass stats and isn’t going down easily), can impair on being hit due to weapon and to top it off gives herself 800 hp on basic attacks due to the Paragon mod. There are also 2 of the best healers on the team. I’ve designed her so that even as a last toon she will be a nightmare to take down.

I gave Jessie a plat crosshairs resist due to having 2 revivers and the fact that if she ARs the team has absolute insane defence stats as well as focus so those rushes still go off.

Despite Shiva’s and Pete’s weapons not being close to finished, the team gets a crazy amount of raid, war and arena defends.

Due to the fact that without normalise, opponents need to chip a tanked up impair weapon Shiva down, +800hp from a basic attack is absolutely gravy. When she gets the 10%hp a turn for each debuff on her, she will be mental as she will either be gaining the 50% bonus hp from her rush or she will be controlled and be gaining hp from that instead plus 800hp for the attack itself.


Aye that’s exactly what I was meaning. I think it’s a shame but understand that most players didn’t like it so will gladly accept it.

This is one thing that does concern me about the changes. The old way of rewarding less effort was one of the main issues I had with the old leagues so I hope adding demotions doesn’t encourage that again.

They should make the rewards for being in higher leagues worth it rather than making it more beneficial to stay as low as you can.