Next roadmap event?


I know rise to power ends in a day, but can we just start the next one? Rtp was a letdown (aren’t they all) what we need is another choose.your side event, but with more choices. Or just something that keeps you engaged which no roadmap eventnhas ever done for me


Hoping for another nugget event, or something that will give a gps/canteen


That’s not roadmap event, but I would be fine with it


Put up a gear map I need gears for my siddiq


We need a Legendary Gear Roadmap, with “Easy” and “Hard” Difficulty.

The Easy part gives normal Legend Gear, and the Hard part gives Special Legend Gear like GPSs and Gear for each character trait.


I like the choose your side and they should do 1 of each color make it so you can only get 1 of them.


Please for god sakes be something with Ascension coins you went and got me addicted and now I’m feening what’s up my dealer