Next region transfers?

Anyone know when next region transfers are? I remember GR saying that he’ll have more info in early January but he hasn’t said anything yet.

Is there some kind of bet that someone will ask this every day?


When will faction assault be updated?


no people just want answers

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When will territories be fixed


Thats right we want answers @GR.Scopely

More then certain after February 7. But y, that’s not good enough for all the factions in need of recruits.

@GR.Scopely said he would have news either this week or next week.

My faction sent some guys out to scope out some other regions and we want to bring them back.

Several months long scouting missions… Its a game ffs. Lol

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I didn’t choose it, they left before I even joined the faction, we just want to bring them back.

Hello everyone,

On the last update that I had from the team is that the region transfer may happen after WoC II and we will have more to communicate about them at that point.


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May happen??? :scream::scream::scream:


I will take it to the team



Transfers prob wont be needed after WoC 2 as people “May” not still be playing

Wtf!!!..May happen.

Yeah you picked up on that “may” too? I’m hoping it’s just so they don’t get quoted saying it will happen after WoC2 and then people freak out on that Monday when there isn’t info. But considering this is months in the making “may” is not a very comforting response


Everything will have “May” in front of it now so they cant be called on their lies.

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Enjoy wave 1A forever!

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