Next Red Velvet Collection - Is it F2P?

Hell no, it’s Lance.

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Arguably, Pete is F2P and he’s up too


6 star only.

Nope. Two collections.

You post VK images but do you even look?

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It’s not
But if s class pete is in it than yeah.

He is but not at 250 vc 500 for sclass

I seriously am tired of these velvet cakes, they serve no purpose for people who don’t want to pay for 0.2 chances of new toons, I rather buy an Xbox one game, scopely seriously needs a reality check, if you want people to spend, this is not the way to do it. But hell if they are chasing people off, keep up the good work!

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People still spending so they do not care. When the cash flow stops then they will care. But since that is never going to happen, all we can do is watch them :muscle: while we laugh at how stupid they are for spending on broken Azz shit.

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So gotta rush my pete up to tier 4 lvl 90… awesome. Who the hell even has the 6* version anyway

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Those that are buying from this wheel

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