Next Red Velvet Cake Collection

Anyone know what toons are going to be included in the next collection, the current one end in 12 hours.

Have there been any leaks?

next is cameron no other leaks yet

Well Wangfa is up at the moment and there’s no collection for him, Sc collections run out in a few hours, it’s one big shit show​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

So fed up of sitting on cakes waiting for non P2P toons to show up. I know we just had Priya but would be nice if f2p could have a chance to claim the better box from having both toons not just one.


I absolutely agree, but the chances that Scopely will give the chance of collecting 5400 collectables to those who haven’t pulled for every promo in the last 6 months is slim to none.

Basically because they’re total d*cks.


Maybe they will give us laopo for collection. Fingers crossed


Just like I said before, I really don’t understand why make red cakes accessible for almost players base if only 10% of them (or less) have new promos.


To push the other 90% to spend on those toons when they come up. If red velvet cake is accessible to everyone then all that’s left is having the toon and just your luck that toon will be on promo when they are in the museum. Go ahead, spend.

Except there have been other non-promo characters that have been part of the red velvet collection.

Most notably Priya just recently.

But they have all been promo’d alongside the red velvet collection. Which is why it’ll never be a legacy or F2P toon…

What about Holly/Mercer/BAC that came out before red velvet cakes were released, but re-promoed along with them for a collection? They were available via war toons.

Of course I don’t count having a war room as being a sure thing that F2P players can get, but so far, they’ve only ran a character once for each collection, so we could start getting into the backlog of old characters that F2P players might have gotten via events/newly updated wheels.

Either way, it isn’t like players are earning an exorbent amount of red velvet cakes, so it doesn’t hurt to have a stockpile ready for whenever they do another F2P character. Who knows, Raolito could be next.

At that point, you couldn’t have enough cakes yet I think, unless maybe if you got lucky with territories. I had BAC from the free pull, and could have maxed him, but only had about 200 cakes.

Definitely this. I wonder why people always complain about this. It’s a grinding game, so a marathon, not a sprint. You sit on resources and wait for the most productive way to use them that you could find. I’ve had stuff that became crucial months or years later.

(Also, I think it’s going to be Laopo first. F2P players, make sure you win a levelup so you can cash in on cakes. Getting Raulito would also be good of course; they might switch the order, or skip laopo completely as she seems less popular and might not get people to pull. As they might switch to Raulito items in the future, if you have the resources to quickly level him, it might make more sense to wait - you might be able to grab him in a levelup, and save your choice boxes)

It’s possible if you placed first in AoW and hit all of the milestones.

I had Harper but my faction placed 2nd and I was just a tad bit short. Damm whale faction.

Ah right, that might be the case. It was CRW for wave 2, so most factions barely got any from rank rewards. Not sure I hit all the milestones, I think so though because it was only 100k.

Game is so incredibly rough for mid-rank factions right now…

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