Next promo yellow maggie 6* VK leak


New OP 6* yellow maggie next promo seen on VK
#lowon6*toons #lies #enjoyyourshittywarrewards




Another one…



New toon. U never even used hemmo Maggie.

This is beyond a joke now


Remind me of the CRW command maggie reward. Of course they had to make a completely new one because they are low on toons and make a completely new one is quicker/simplier than make a 6* from an old 5* logic?


No money in that though :frowning: there not thinking logically there thinking financially. Peaple keep paying for em thay will keep em coming.


low on 6*s except premieres!


They are creating 6* ok fine, but it take more time to create a new 5* and his 6* version than create a 6* version of an old 5* you can clearly see scopely’s interest here $$$
#lowontoons #lies #notenough5inthegamerightnowgottocreatenewone5areuseless


Ikr…so Fking over it.


Scopes be like … :joy::dollar:


hey im sitting in 22nd for this SR tourney, really wanna spend to reach top 10 but after seeing this its a DEFINATE NO :slight_smile:


Not about to defend scope at all, but they did already have the 5* of this one, it’s “white t-shirt” Maggie who we got to use once in a roadmap almost a year ago but was never put up for premier or prize. That said… if scope gave a **** about the player base she would be the war reward instead of yet another premier release without any other old toons being released even though we all know they are already programmed and in the game on the dev side


Of what Maggie this could be the ascendable of? She looks a lot like the SR version, and boy, do I love that Maggie…


I called this a few weeks ago lmao.

She’s a straight up Dwight killer, nerfing the event toon like they did with the revive Jesus event.