Next Promo - William

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All I can say is… :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Reasons to NOT pull:

  1. Bound weapon with shitty special
  2. Worst def stats for human shield
  3. Saving your money for a better Christmas

Reason to pull:


Ewwwww green shield with a bound weapon that will most likely take $800+ to pull yeah no thanks lol


The six star would be a great design for the 5 star of the early acendables.

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Yey another p2p shield…

With that 3rd weapon slot the only way to get through him is a disarm toon and hope for the best.

Goodluck to all the F2P players out there!!

Scopely should have made Knox a disarm toon and then atleast everyone had a chance to get one.


I think you’re overestimating his defense stats. Even without disarm, heavy hitting red toons will wreck him.


But with his weapon I don’t think he will crumble…likely won’t pop every round but even still that 20% boost is likely to negate each hit that doesn’t cause it to pop.

Anyway time will tell…might try my luck on a sneaky single pull.

I beg to differ. Let me correct that statement.

He won’t crumble the first 2 turns (maybe) if you’re lucky.

When the entire team has build up all their ARs because his weapon doesn’t have stun/impair/AD/AP down, tell me again if he doesn’t crumble :wink:

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Doesn’t matter what weapon you have dude some dude with a disarm will come thru and wreck you’re shit anyway

fail, u would think pre Christmas scopely would release another op toon to increase sales and bonus
green shield
with revive rush and bonus def and health
active is revive
leader skill of def and health

forgot to say weapon thats abs def

For a shield those stats are pretty bad. Pretty funny they managed to make Ajax not the worst shield

scopely needs a lesson on making profit, u make better toons one after the other not worse ones
and before Christmas u make the most op toon ever

Had both of these in the Ascension tower as well this morning. :thinking:

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Good god, just look at the artwork for these 2 Maggie’s.

@JB.Scopely, can your team be any lazier and more insulting to a great brand?


Scopely looking to get some Christmas bonus with this calculated release!

Be sure to do his roadmap for a… tough trait active skill trainer.

Hard pass.

Yes!!! There aren’t enough shield revive teams. Keep pumping them out.

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