Next promo toon- more bide


Guess I’ll be wiping my bum with that promise letter


When did they promise to stop making promos?


Could be worSe

he seems underwhelming compared to Elle

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The difference in stats I think will make him worse. Elle is simple to deal with. The lower def, higher hp means he will take and store the 2k damage faster. Not sure maybe @TayTron knows better, but a higher attack stat means the damage dealt back will be worse.

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i thought bide was broken AF ?

you only have to look at elle and somoene dies


Disagree. He seems way easier than Elle. Not to mention, there’s only so many op reds to include. Negan, Mia, Pete… he doesn’t have pain split with is Elle’s biggest pain. Blues are much stronger than greens right now. He can easily get one shot by a number of blues.

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i hate the 2 elle 2 negan pete teams. cant stun the elles and they pain split with the negans then i know im in for a bad time lol

I mean he doesn’t look spectacular at all but the fact that they are this pushing out bide/payback toons as cash grabs, shows how much they really don’t care haven’t seen a f2p toon in the mist of all this.


Wouldnt taunt 4 two turns make him rush every 2 turns?

It pretty much could given right weapons or lead skills.

Assuming no enemy focus or resist to taunt, he can get 40 AP just from the buff taunt got. (5AP per attack from taunted toon). With a huge bonus to AP on attack weapon or when defending, he can easily get the other 36 AP before taunt ends. Throw in a healer and he can repeat that non-stop unless stunned/impaired or other effects via basic attacks. With Bide, he can pretty much tank the whole fight and still kill enemies.

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i found 2 elle teams kinda easy… when they pain split its usually with each other. usually save them for last

He would get 40 AP just from taunting if no toon has taunt resist so yeah, maybe

Perhaps. Definitely need to be controlled. I honestly don’t see him as a toon players will really go for. Unless they want to have Pete, double negan, double this guy. But most will just keep the Donnie and Elle’s

Thats exactly my thoughts. Pair him with Elle who removes focus and rip

Ajax can go off turn1, so I guess he can go off every 2 turns with ap taking damage weapon

I’ve never had issues with controlling Elle, but people who are good at one thing might be bad another. I think this new guy will give me problems.

In either case, I think they need a legacy with every promo. And legacies that are usable vs these crazy skills. What I don’t understand is pushing new toons without giving the majority of the player base tools to compete.

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Certainly it’s not a ftp.
Because that would be step towards the proper direction.

Oh wait it’s scopley.
The direction couldn’t be more wrong.

He looks like Harvey Weinstein

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Only reason they’re pushing out more and more bide and payback is so everyone spends tons on them and then Priya will come out with Daze canceling bide and payback and :poop::poop::poop::poop: on everyone and everyone will buy her to cancel these 2 nasty attacks