Next promo tobin



Lydia got a new boo thing.


Seriously whats up with all the beast blue toons?? Can we share the love across the rainbow please @JB.Scopely

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Godamn 700% to two!


First of all, bye bye reds.

Second, I like how they’re now making 3*s 6 star. Now, can I have my man-crush Axel up next on the list?


Awesome. Finally straying away from Jesus and Sandy galore. Refreshing to see Tobin up there now


On an damage toon?!

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The P2W version of league Tara lol


Yea,pretty much

My thoughts exactly.

Don’t see the need for another heavy hitting blue. Pass. Good toon though.

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Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

He has my team build wheels turning fast

Eh it’s alright can be taken down with bleed and burn easily

Idk why, but the design is just lazy. He adds a jacket,gun, and (knee thing) and boom Tier 4 were done. He’s a good character, but make him LOOK good.

I think he looks pretty good. Straight out of the comics. I prefer the comic accurate looks to the crappy made up outfits.

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Not to be a nitpicker, but Scopely could easily have given him a gun with a shield on it, if they wanted it to magically block stuff. Those types of things exist. Just look at Blackbeard in Rainbow Six.

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Holy shit, that’s OP.

Well atleast, looking at Tobins Comic Lifespam, Allen’s defenitly up for a 6* so that’s one plus from this OP Promo :grin:

Cool enough toon, but it’s not like reds are hard to kill lol. Doesn’t displace Dwight/double Michonne unfortunately so I imagine most will pass on him.

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