Next promo S class

do anyone hve leaks for next promo s.class yet… i have some coins nd want to spend on mercer if next sclass is not very good thanks

Next S class is best so far. The one after that even better. So on and so forth


They’ll all outdo the previous one.


save it for the 1 before woc you can bet that will change everything


Pretty sure the next guy is gonna be a Fast character that Confuses 5 enemies for 1 turn at beginning of each wave and gives entire team +75% Stun resist

Then after that a Strong character that Taunts entire team for 2 turns at beginning of each wave and gives entire team +99% Confuse resist

Etc, etc


confuse lead would be great with all the priyas and rampage weapons

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Oh it’ll come for sure lol

All new angel with infection lead gives 150% infection to 5 enimies for 1 turn


Turn one stun resist lead. With a beard and a jester hat.

i can bet it will surely confuse you, but on your opponent it wont proc for sure!

just like a.d. can proc 4 times in a row on you, but your wont proc 1 time on the opponent when you’re attacking…

Too underpowered, change the 99% confuse resist to 100%

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Make it 120% atleast, because Scopely and percentages aren’t the best of friends.

([…]Remember 100% Crit isen’t a gurantee Crit Hit […] Whats the Point of calling it percent then? […] Well… have you looked at this great Offer? […])

I dont think Crit is expressed as a percentage! Its just a number with diminishing returns to proc a crit hit.

Because defense teams get a better chance to proc, AD is one of the worst imo

lmao Leader skill now ARs

It is in the yellow destruction upgrade

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