Next promo: Minerva

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bleed 2.0 nice rush on paper but priya says hello



Trash. That is all


She’s trash, good


:grimacing: shes actually bad, thats ok tho i can save for the next one

Her face looks like part of it was chewed off by a walker

Another Stoon op and nothing free aff

We: dont put S toon in whell
Scopely: we put more soon.

ok I’m just trying to figure this out as they are skills I haven’t really used yet, basically the infection needs your to heal your character by more than 175% of its health in 3 turns or it will die correct?

yet the 25% heal reduction will make this hard to do?

and if you try to use a remove all penalties character (zach, gabe, Mackenzie) the 3000
trauma will kill your character

is this right?


Yes this is it.

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ok well she is sounding a little better than I thought especially if you paired her with daiyu on a raulito lead team

for def its meh. in 4 turn people will still have all my toons dead.

she will be good to pair with other toons like mia and adam in defence if they have taunt and confuse resist mods so the out lasts keep reviving until princess is more widely available

She seems fair but a pass goes everyone but manor whales.

Looks like a great character—Telltale too! Would probably spend if Scopely weren’t so undeserving of support.

Infection, heal reduction and 3000 trauma in the AR (forgetting about the excellent defence boost a minute). So if you don’t remove the infection your toons die if you don’t heal them enough, if you do remove the infection, your toons take 6000 damage for the removal of heal reduction plus infection and unless they have 6001+ hp - they die.
She’s a toon that can be countered, but damn, those who are putting her down as crap really aren’t paying full attention.
Of course on defence this will only work on a very tanky team that needs to survive those extra 3 turns, but there are plenty of ways to make those teams.

Worth noting that she will be an autowin on future S17+ human roadmaps


Not if she dies… and if she dies can reset map.

I haven’t used infection yet, just read about its effects, does it cancel if she dies? If so, it’s not that good really.

No but if your team is dead it does.