Next promo is Carl and negan boxes

Pics incoming in a sec

What negan is that?

Green with maim

Both Negan (yellow and green) are so shitty. The green has the lead skill going for him, but still…

This promo is Carl or bust…

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In my personal opinion, yellow Negan is better because behind Carl and equipped with a defensive weapon with huge AP gain on offense, he could one hell of a tank. And even if he pops off, he give a big defense boost to him and his teammates in addition to debuffing 2 enemies. Not to mention he’s F2P. Green Negan has his all-around lead skill which is good if you don’t have Carl and can’t get him. But as for the rush, it’s 50/50 with me. Honestly, if I had the two, they’d go on my team in a instant.

On the topic of this, I think I’m going to restrain myself from it. Haven’t gotten many F2P legacy toons from randomized chances. So I would feel dumb if I even attempted to go with this.

The only great thing about this is we get to see chances of boxes in premier
They could have saved this promo to end of week
But used leaked blue neagan and Carl instead
I have theory’s that neagan is either gonna have a lead skill or be a berserker

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