Next Promo: Elena

Yeah so she looks kinda good, but for gods sake stop making new status effects, the one here is “exhaust” wat the fck can it be?


But are the stats only good because of the rings? Because rings add different stats to different characters.
Meaning she could be trash that you’ll need to wait a few years to get those stats.

She has like 1550 base atk, and her weapon gives 30% atk & focus for 8 turns

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Shhhh Red don’t say that, they’ll give her 1400 bleed to all… lol


Hopefully they havent already seen it, then again they’re rarely on the forums anyway lol.

She could have gen 1 stats and I’d still use her. 3 turns of 100% heal reduction to possibly the whole enemy team is good. Plus, Lacerator with bleed teams means you could possibly just build her as tank as still do well.

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Waaahoooo. Finally a development that really helps to bridge the ever widening gap between f2p and P2P. (Have you notice p2p auto capitalises?) another insult to the PU movement. @playerscouncil. First chance to explain how much scopely are missing the point. #speakforus. #fixyourgame. #playersunited

Except she’s a premier toon so it really isn’t helping f2p.

They aren’t going to stop making promos. Promos like this one are fine. She’s balanced. And certainly not OP.


Yeah that’s fine except that they just lied another time with her, odds remain unchanged and you can still pull 4 stars

I missed that? Where did they mention that?

They mentioned that on the content refresh post

That promo wheels are taking out 4 stars? I missed that. Might as well. No difference in five star and four stars.

Yeah, and that the odds for pulling an ascendable toon are bumped to 10%

Ok your getting those confused

They never said anything about the promo wheel removing anything you said, in fact never even mentioned the promo wheel in that post

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^ yeah those were gonna stay the same

Oh thanks I was confused with the french translation of the promo wheel

I don’t remember that either but to be honest, four stars are basically now like two stars. I’m feeding them to level due to the basic token change. I think it would be a good move for sure to just make it five stars and above.

The 4 stars were being removed in the prestige wheel, not premier. Premier wasn’t mentioned.