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Wtf does Dev's rush do?

Boooo tay.

(If he manages to rush he could live a good bit)


Looks well designed in that all his traits/skills etc complement each other. Indom, tanky stats, AR that nerfs attack and gives full extra hp bar. But that being said reds took a major hit to usefulness on defense with the new michonne. Granted no defense is defending constantly at the top, and even only moderately at the middle of the playerbase anymore.


Wow Dev is great! I can see me using this guy on offense and defense. On a side note I honestly thought this was going to be more of a joke post seeing the name “Dev”. I thought there was a made up character card of one of the developers and it was just going to be called “Dev” lol.


Interesting to see active skills evolving. But he’s meh.


Trolly, I’m already thinking that AR --> active --> attack, rinse and repeat for constant stall/pull. Whatcha think?


Interesting card just wish his rush was taunt instead of attack down or at least a 2-3 turn attack down but love the 100% bonus hp that is the most interesting part about him. Idk why they don’t do a indomitable 2 for like 60 percent defense buff that stacks instead of 30 I feel like indomitable isnt how it use to be back in the five star era. Active skill is on the meh side for me but not bad at the same time I just wish the A.I wasn’t stupid when it comes to when six stars use active skills. All and all not excited about him and I would pass.


You’re half right. :wink:


I am curious how much AP they set for his Active to give and if it is AP to him + others or to just others or to just himself. I do think you are on to something though.

AP When Attacking
AP When Taking Damage or Stun

Considering there are 2 neutralizers at the moment one being green which red teams will slaughter and the other being red (Gov) which bring 2 double attack blues to take care of him. Should net you some decent time in Raids/Wars. If you happen to dwindle the enemy team down to 2 or 3 people they may NOT ever have the man power to take him out with those weapon mods.

This is my knee jerk reaction to it without putting too much thought in this character. But I do see some good options for him.


Since this is a leak (there is a chance the information is incorrect.)
We should ping Combat Devil or Combat Man when it’s live and discuss it!


Me too, he reminds me of Aris and her utility. Aris is a staple in all of my teams and I’m a strong advocate for her. She is truly amazing. If you pull him, will you make a video?

And I’m already thinking stun on defense, hp and def on his weapon, what about you?


That would be great


Except for Koa


Reminds me of G-Eazy! :rofl:


Currently working on a Michonne video but If I do pull Dev I will make a video ;).

When people request a video there is a good chance it will be made as I will make videos based on my own interests until someone in the community wants to see or hear something and then the fun begins haha.

If I was to make a defense weapon for Dev:

AP When Attacking
AP When Defending or Stun

On defense, One of your weapons stats I would highly recommend be “AP When Attacking”. There is a 40% increase to AP gained while on defense so “AP When Attacking” applies a LOT of pressure. AP when defending is a more of a mind game if you happen to have other reds with stun guns. As an example :

Ideally we would like for them to target tanks first so our Damage classes can clean up so if I have reds and they all have stun guns, the less risk for the enemy to make is attack the damage dealer with the stun gun due to lower defenses while if they hit a stun gun tank there is a good chance they will get stunned and not get a kill which is ideal.

Also since he has a 100% bonus HP Adrenaline Rush the “AP When Taking Damage” would pop before it would even run out.

I am stopping myself here or I will ramble to no end lmao. But leaving this last bit, depending on your leader buff you can work with some different weapons.

Erika Lead :

AP When Attacking
AP When Defending.


Dont forget to take a look at the CRW prizes before taking your decision if it worth pulling for this toon or not.


Can’t wait to face 2 of him in a team with 2 Erikas, all equipped with huge bonus stun guns. Joy.


Don’t really think he’s all that good from what I see. Really depends on that taunt/AP gain, but not expecting it to change my mind.


Should have stopped using more than 2 of the same toons years ago.


Awesome Post!

Reds haven’t really got a Tank yet I don’t think.

Rick is but not a toon who attracts hits.