Next Promo? (5 chars)

Anybody know who the next promo is?


Wats the next promo any ideas plz post

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Either a 3000$ s class or a now useless gen 2 6*


Who the F cares ??

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I care actually, I would like to spend my coins wisely.

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Is mayonaise a promo?

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She’s great. Perfect for anti negan and Elle teams

Lmfao god damnit

Too bad she’ll cost around 1000 dollars lmao

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Wow that exhaust is top tier.

Am I dumb? I can’t find what exhaust does anywhere.

Sounds like it applies maim relative to AP gain

So having to earn 250 ap before any counts towards a rush?

Exhaust actually applies to the player, not the toons. Lol

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She’s not S Class but I do wonder if it will some willing collecting item pull strategy again. She’s great. Wish Mike was like her.

No collection.


Hmmmmm she’s a typhoon character. Interesting.

Cmon Art, I know you are out there