Next Premier Toon?


Who’s next? Anyone know? People in my faction asking! Thanks!


Well, we know it won’t be the Governor that’s for sure.



Hopefully it’s someone with a noose, so I can hang myself after spending on this promo and getting fuck all.




Probably Rick or Dante - Rise to Power toons like Aris, Laura and Bruce


Winter Edition Richard, according to VK.


It’s winter richard.

Have fun.


Does anyone have a leaked pic of what the govs stats are?


Don’t think they have been seen some the bump in power for 6*.


This was pre 6-star buff I believe. I would expect his stats to go up about 10% and they might reduce the 600% damage but I hope they don’t.

Can’t wait. Been ages since I had a neut on the team. Impair 3 for 2 turns is also gonna be nice. Only his active is garbage.


Can’t wait for him either. Was extremely disappointed they released Gator and Eugene first. I really thought he was next, when I saw it was Eugene it was like a punch in the gut followed by a kick in the nuts.


Lol. Know the feeling all too well. I was disapointed after Gator but I was like okay its been two months of melee f2p toons it kinda makes sense and maybe now we will see them do the same with ranged. Then along comes Eugene. I have not seen anyone on the forums asking for him and really how many of him are out there since he was only given out as a prize from what I have been told. That is truly the kick in the nuts. I almost feel like someone at Scopely knows how much the free to play players need the Governor and are now just trolling us by not releasing him.


It’ll be Mr. Green in the Conservatory with the Rope





The original Miraboobs x)



You ain’t lying :heart_eyes:

Saw Clue in the theater as a kid. Loved how they had 3 different endings depending on where you saw it.


Me too! That was awesome.

Wonder if they’ll reboot Clue like they did Jumanji.

I know there was an episode of Psych that was a parody/tribute to the original Clue. That was pretty cool.


That would be great. Would love to see a reboot. Found a great article on the movies different endings but apparently, it was a box office bust making only 15 million back in the day so prognosis negative on a sequel is the most likely scenario.

R.I.P Madeline Kahn you were awesome in the movie as well as the entire cast.


Stealing all those GIFs, by the way :stuck_out_tongue: