Next museum comic collection

I’d like to know if anyone has any information on the next museum collection? I’d like to know if anyone has any information on the next museum comics collection? I just don’t want to spend my comics and then something really good comes out

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@GR.Scopely, I really appreciate any help I don’t mean to be a pain but any information on this would be appreciated

I saw your post and went to query the team to get more information on the next comic collection for you and… while I don’t have anything to share just yet just know that we are working on having a communication for you.


we have been waiting on a communication for several weeks at this point. there have been multiple threads al concerning this topic.

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Right after they figure out how much more money they need to squeeze out of everyone to hit their yearly goal, then they will decide the rarity and value of the new collection toon and how many people will pull for him.

Ok thanks

Im keeping mine until they release next collection. Usually they overlap for a few days so can decided later on.

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At this point, we can probably expect the same or with a different six star in there. There won’t ever be an S class exclusive and they won’t up the amount.

It takes anywhere between 3-4 months to accumulate 100 comics. They are putting a price of 75-100 bucks on 1,000 s class items. Wild.

but thats the question what 6 are they going to put in there, im sitting on 100 comics and waiting to decide on the new 6 or 1000 of something towards the next potential s-class which icould get in 6 months and it be totally outdated and useless… lol

Dont waste them on the 6*

I just realize that myself after making this post as well, thanks for the heads up though

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