Next Lvl up - No faction anymore


Dear @kalishane…is it really true? AGAIN we prepared for faction lvl up and will become a Solo???





Does it say what the milestones will be?

Also is that revival SR Jesus?



At this point of time I wouldnt be supprised if 6* gators a lie I means a 5* I can get from ascenence for 2nd
Ya gotta be having a fuking laugh scopley… Oh wait that’s you do everytime you make a bad event for us to piss us off because ur own game is a massive joke to you i hope some better developers buy this game and actual pull off the concept and you as a company go broke


“Thank you for your feedback, guys!” - Kalishane
"We’re working on it, guys!" - Kalishane
Here’s our feedback and here’s their work.


hmm they decided that faction level up would be too good and switched it with solo. :rofl:


They were afraid that those 2 beasts would ruin the balance in regions if offered as faction prizes. I’m genuinely surprised they have lucille tokens as prizes. And of course the awesome 2 mil milestone that we all begged for.


2M points for one piece of gear needed to tier 4 a 6*. Wow


Milestones are absolute joke, but they just bought all these assholes on my region with the Lucille tokens. They did 6m for some shit and now they gonna hit 12m or smth i guess. SMH


We need 6* to get numbers like that to earn Military watch, we need military watch to tier up 6*… Should I hit vk to just participate ?


And just watch the imbeciles clamor to out-score one another to get it!


so far Kali been as useless as foxcock


What happened to it being a faction level up? @kalishane


Kalishane is off on Sunday so I wouldn’t expect to hear from her today


Read my mind m8, let’s save our thread for Monday


Next week we will get a Big Faction Level UP :blush:

More Time to prepare.


wait till it is replaced by … guess what … a solo level up! :rofl:


Eating pancakes


Faction LU should be now in friday. Let’s wait for another change to next week :confused: