Next lvl fuc*ery

Every time I try to claim my survivors from the training ground my game restart this has been going on since level up this is ridiculous

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Scopley at its its finest

This whole game is fucky , Had to reinstall 14x to get rid of that.


You have room for survivors? That surprises me considering this event.


Why did you reinstall?? You lost…

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To fix the bug would be my guess. Try to remind the bad data.

Stupid Flanders…

I have not had room for survivors since i canceled sc.


What cho name is lol

@JB.Scopely can’t you plz escalate his issue, it’s now faction lvl up & I could rly use my survivors, I have submitted an in game support ticket however I don’t have a month or couple weeks or however long it’s gonna take to wait for them to fix the issue when you’re in a faction they kind of expect you to help out


This issue still persist, it’s crazy that I haven’t even got a response since I dropped my support ticket

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Have you tried to collect by going into another tg and then swappping

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I can’t even log into the game and I’ve had a support ticket open for over a week.

Also, my level up milestones (3 k & 8k bonuses) have been broken and unusable for almost 6 months.

I’d you’re not a major spender, they probably won’t fix it.


Smh, dam…sry to hear that, You should make a support ticket on here and Tag @JB.Scopely in it maybe they can escalate it

Yea tried that too thnx for the idea though

Done that already.

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