Next LU milestones set as 5 million


Devs setting milestones based on a data research, I presume next one is gonna be huge after seeing this :thinking::man_shrugging:t3: #WeNeedBenedictsThatMuch


They moved on from scoring 7.777.777 & 6.666.666 & 5.555.555. How delightful.


Yeah, same guys, glad you’ve noticed :slight_smile: I said they draw some attention on forum…they had a great laugh at me :sweat_smile:


That’s insaaaane ! Hmmm…the milestones will remain high i’m afraid… :expressionless:


Its all hack, no normal person can do scores like these unless they havent leveled anything since 6*s came out.




Such a great player :joy:


That 11million is 7 maxed t3 6s, and then do another 4 max t3 6s in the next doesnt sound right in my book.


You should ask Suport to ban them.


@kalishane have em looks at this. doesnt add up



That was what I was guessing already. I got the impression that the people making the decisions there are some sort of business analytics without a clue about the actual game. They see our complaints that the milestones are way to high, then look at the data to see bunch of people made over 5 million points. What makes them think the milestone numbers are about right. :smiley:


What region r they


nice hacks


Such dedicated players.


Is that the New Russian region that just opened & already has hacker’s in it?




That’s Russel region, Shelby is second youngest


Ok thank you