Next list of ascetables

Any information from the next list? Although some are already out (? @JB.Scopely

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At this time, there’s no plan to put out another list of future ascendables.


There is no list.

If I had to take a guess it will either be either yellow command Maggie or green revive Hersh as they were the only two pics leaked from data mining.

As far as when it will happen that’s anyone’s guess.

Don’t really need a long list as they’ve been pushing them out at a much better pace than before. They’ve been able to pick toons that fits a current need instead of trying to predict a year in advance what will help. I would still like them to consider a list that only goes as far as the current season as it would help in choosing which season store prizes you’d want.

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The list is all 5* sometime in the future

Tbh I kind of think it’s better without a list if they carry on releasing 2 a month just think there should be ways to grab them like a login in event for them incase we have one but not the other gutted because I missed out on rick :smirk::joy: Eric am sure I will get him from sd or ascending sooner or later


Yeah, maybe. Rick and Douglas came right at the end of February. And we are halfway through March already and no sign of Maggie or Hershel (although it is a reasonable bet one will be in the next set of three level up characters when the Teddy Bears finish).

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well they were both ascendables were release within a week of each other near the end of the month so hopefully after this war

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We can but hope

Unless they’re shit lol


Now when you say “shit” do you mean like the new Denise toon they released?


Maybe. Or worse.

like green negan

Maybe. Or worse.

Green Negan probably isn’t in the bottom 3 worst characters (in my opinion)

I suspect we get a new one on Monday when the next level up collection starts. That seems to be the pattern.

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