Next level up toonnnnnn

Can somebody post the toon for the next level up . Is it Aron again wondering if I wanna collect my scab or wait till the next level up

i think it was three aarons in a row? have we had two so far?

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It’s Aaron.

Yea the pattern has been three and this was the second one. I hate this method. If you don’t want the toon you don’t participate for two weeks. Silly.

Yes it’s Aaron.

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Thanks guys couldn’t remember if we had him 3 times

After that it’s Harlan for the next 2 months


Don’t put ideas into their heads.


Haha that’s true

I’m almost certain we had Aaron 3 times already.

Nevermind this upcoming one is the 3rd one.

Does anyone actually get toon’s from the crate or is it mostly everyone gets 5★ tokens?

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The next tournament will be the third with an Aaron prize.

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1 Aaron Wed 11/14/2018 in 10:00am PDT
2 Aaron Mon 11/19/2018 in 12:00am PDT
3 Aaron Wed 11/21/2018 in 10:00am PDT

Same chances to get something from the surprise box. So far all 5*

I got a 6 star once but i came in first that time

Lmfao that’s to funny

I pull tokens every time and I play in 2 regions so I’ve opened alot of crates

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