Next level up toon (after 3rd Beta)

As the title says, may anyone know which will be the toon after Beta?

Beta. (7chars)


And then another Beta

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Jessie. And then winter Jesus.


I heard it’s going to be Lydia.

Source: my ass


been awhile since they had a yellow, so im betting yellow.

hope = yvette / romanov
expect: = winter michonne / winter jesus
worst outcome = barker/ negan

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I heard it’s going to be Yellow Barker.

Dont underestimate his power teamed up with Lacerator Rick…Shiva and other heavy promo bleeds. Solid toon and we are lucky to have him as a reward.

This guy knows his (Russian) onions

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Lol this is perfect for this forum

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Harlan sounds like the winner ticket


What about Kenny, has he been a prize? That’s more their speed. Beta… what a joke, he was useless when he came out

just check the list of garbage characters, remove the ones that have come out and you know what character could come, surely a yellow Negan

Haha na none. My comment was written with complete sarcasm

The next lvl up chars


doubtful to be winter mich, she’s actually good lol

So it’s Barker or Negan 100%

No, its Jessie and Winter Jesus…

Viva la VK

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