Next Level Up Prize: Jessie

So I dunno who predicted it, but you were right. The toon we’ve all been waiting for;

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why who we have been waiting for ?

Been posted on Vk for a while. Winter Jesus is next.


Not my VK lol, the app hasn’t anything. Do you have a link?

Will go for winter Jesus next week. But Jessie Meh.

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If you dont have her or a range healer, shes great, she has recover stun in her rush and recover impair skill

There are two VK pages dedicated to this game…

Wow, it was posted on my “not beta, i beg of you thread” someone said she was up. Complete s#it. I’ll see yall in January, maybe February, they’ve given up

They have the next 4 lvl up toons up toons posted

Where at? @s1acker6

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Which one is that? I have this

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Thanks man.

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It’s from December 13th the posted them a while back I think starting with beta

Meh, I think Jessie is more helpful than the Rick we had a couple weeks ago.

I still find it quite amusing that we have to go to a hacker site to get our information when we have this official forum that could do the same for us yet they choose not to.

They have still to answer this but seriously what is it with wanting to keep everyone in the dark all the time? No one likes surprises unless it’s their birthday and most people like to be able to plan things out in advance. Well smart people anyway.

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They grow mushrooms, to.

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