Next level up has the same prizes as the previous one?


I’ve been surfing vk, saw next priya promo and then the identical LU tourney, wtf?







Screenshots please


Proof the live ops team are permanently high?


Seen two posts taken down providing such intel :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:


Level Up is just gone live?!


Seems Ike it…


Yep it’s live same stuff one day only which calendar said 2 if I’m not mistaken?!


Came here expecting confusion. Did not disappoint.

Seriously though, @kalishane I’m expecting this was an error. Should we expect it to play out or get canceled or have prizes change?


Just get your shirts for Dwight and don’t ask questions lol


Sweet, more rewards :slight_smile:



Don’t even bother asking :wink:


And duration only 1 day !! ?? so what will you put for the week end ?? another solo level up for 2 days and a half @kalishane ??? i don’t understand scopely company sometimes…


I don’t see why not, 5* tokens from somewhere is still 5* tokens :slight_smile:


Yes. Should we use resource and characters on this only for a better rewarded event to start tomorrow as planned? Or will something else take the weekend event’s place now?


Wow what a waste of Basil’s…


I just don’t have the resources to do anything at all lol

Hoping my scav mission pops up soon. I don’t have any trainers, not planning on spending on their offers, and I am seriously lacking shirts for 2*.

I’m waiting to do anything until scopely wakes up lol

Edit: all my 6s are locked behind gear I don’t have. (5 radios 0 watches wooo) just trying to max 5s at this point. I’m not a launch player or in a top 3 faction but I am right around where other people who started the same time are. Point being, I’m broke in game and that’s all there is to it lol


I mean, at least scopely are consistent. Ive never known a game or company full of so much misinformation, screw ups, half truths and player confusion.