Next gold bar toon?

Any idea who it is and when? Cheers


Nope I think it’s getting real dark now lol


Just keep collecting the bars and be patient


Next gate…collected bars from roadmap and daily free have not been registered in our inventory :joy::joy:


Dont give them any ideas

Maybe on this week we can see news, all the bad events ended also the collections for the 1st S-Class… Hopefully we can get an long event for S-class AND the 2nd rpound of the gold bar collections… Hopefully…

Glad a possible have enough for the toon and an extra knife now maybe 2

By the time they release the next toon, people will have enough knives to level them to tier 4 and will be asking where the next free S Class is.


Zhu Junior incoming :joy:

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Just like with SC comics, the longer they wait and the longer players accumulate these bars, the less likely they are to use them to get a new S class.

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You just may see it on Christmas day, it would be a pretty sweet gift.

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What is this? And where are to use it?

@GR.Scopely any news on this

I cant upload screnshot . I want to ask about new badges in museum . Colection - harvesting 3

I only found out yesterday not like I’m rushing :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

I am still chasing the team on the cases that are still opened with them :wink: If you have the issue and still have not contacted me please do so and I will bring this to the team.


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