Next gold bar character

Christa & the Green guy are nice but @GR.Scopely please tell us if there will be another gold bar character so we know if it’s safe to cancel survivors club?

When people start learning to use the search function.

So i guess never…


Doubt Scopely will give a headsup, especially after knowing now it will lead to cancellation of subscriptions. Not a good business sense on their part, among the many things they have already done or not done.

My question is will it be daggers or will it be gold bars exchanged for something else?

Gr said there will be more characters but couldn’t say who or when, a little vague

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You need to exchange your gold bars for purple horseshoes which will allow you to run the roadmap to collect green clovers which will allow you to then exchange your daggers for blue diamonds which will allow you to pull from a wheel that will give you… :smirk:


It will be after woc

17k with Alice and Priya lead skill combined :wink: doesn’t count that way

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Its being cancelled now because people fail to use the search bar or scroll up in chats, because they are the only ones on this planet that has ever asked that question.

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Oddly enough if you hit search and type gold bars, you will see he asked the very same question 26 days ago…

lol…u so funny…im in stiches. The fact this has been answered in so many other threads makes your answer so much more relative. Keep up the good work.

So I need to sell my orange starts, pink hearts and red balloons? All 99 red balloons?

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:laughing: Yes in order to unlock Nena the new s-class toon she will require all 99 luftballons.


nena…lol…how old are u. i so remember that.

There’s a new thread asking this same exact question like everyday :joy::joy::joy:

God I hope not woc not until late January

OK thanks

What u mean doesn’t count that way?

I don’t waste time searching if I have a question I ask and I get an answer

Not everyone is a loser and has time to go searching through the forum every day