Next Events - Thread?


Red Gov is the new one that’s unreleased right?

I believe our plan for him is next week. :slight_smile:


Noooo the one from the depot. The calm before


Its going to be a new one…like the new Dwight in green clothes

@kalishane Please Prizes if possible



Just a minor disappointment that the calendar says Fac lvl up, but it’s a solo. Saved from the last solo awards to help the fac this weekend. Hey-Ho

Still incredibly useful to have the calendar in this format. :slight_smile:


I understand which is why I put the disclaimer all over it. Live Ops team works a lot later than I do and things could change at any time.

This is the danger of having the calendar and it being a live game.

I will continue to do my best to keep it updated – but please do take the disclaimer to heart.

Thank you!


@kalishane Just out of curiosity, does anyone from the Live Ops team ever read the forums? Even just to get a feel for what the Community and Players feel and want? I know that you do your best to take the information to them, but maybe if they actually SAW and READ what was being said, they might get a better grip on the reality at hand. Eventually an open forum or town hall with select Community Members might be possible, but clearly the level of toxicity toward them is at epic levels. Putting an idea out there, maybe it’s been done, but if so they might need a refresher. Cheers!

Can we get Event Manager (LiveOps) to the forums?

La question qui se pose est de savoir comment les 2 “vk” ont les infos events et récompenses avant nous simple joueur.
Fuite de scopely ou un niveau de bêta “vip” avec des joueurs qui ont les events avant les joueurs “normaux”


The change isn’t a big deal. That’s just people being unreasonable seeing as you have a larger job than just schedule release. You gave us a week heads up more than we’ve had, and something changed. Russians give 1 day heads up and its accurate but that’s a bit different.

It’s really the prizes that disappointed most. Look forward to the changes for this event you mention elsewhere as i’m hoping it will reinvigorate the game for me with the release of the whispers and such, ascension has left a-lot to be desired after the tone set by the 5* metas wide range of toons.

Hope most events have prizes relevant to the tokens/collection and ascending 6* t3/4.


Great news, so (as it can be subject to change) it could become accurate and not subject to change in the future!

I’m teasing, I appreciate the efforts involved (have had similar responsibilities in a previous life), but, as has been said many times before, some players and facs like to plan ahead. It’s all part of the ‘teamy’ part of the game, if you get my drift. For middling facs, getting the resources and timings right for a push is vital.

Bit of a moot point tho, with the prizes currently being offered… :wink:


@kalishane thank you for updatingthe the calendar

I got a few questions…

Is it global war or CRW?

And…so much solos…can we get a faction event next week :confused:


First War is normal war, next one will be CRW two weeks from then.


Yes! They lurk mostly.


Don’t know if this is good or bad…


Huh? Should still be in Announcements


Why isn’t it pinned?


I see it in announcements, but it was pinned to my main page before. Maybe it’s just me.


Could you pin the calendar and also this? War Rewards & Prizes Tracker [Updated 12/13]


It’s pinned in announcements – gotta train the community to look there for important stuff too.

We’re so used to only using General.


I understand some people like war, but with the recent post “War Rewards & Prizes Tracker” is it possible for the rewards for other tournaments to be posted there too? Like the upcoming solo LU that will take place before war.


I don’t want to sign myself up for too much that I can’t keep to right now. We’ll get there. :heart: