Next event?`Wheres the calendar?

whats the next upcoming events?

solo lvl up (10k 5 star tokens and bags) then crw

lvl up for 4 days!?!?

where’s the 4 days bro? 2 day lvl up starting @ 2pm est today and ending same time Thursday which gives us 1 day with probably a gear map up before crw starts - I guess


If you will g ood sir post the rewards please

its on Vacation

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What’s in the bags?

10k tokens is lame.

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I thought the exact same thing,

Im getting 5 bags/talkies and 5 flak/beaines a week.

I need 6* gear and ascendance medals and legendary tokens and trainers

Get the ship righted Scopely…

The whales will still put up massive points, they can’t lose. So insane.

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