Next event please

Does anyone know whats after this weekend War i cant find the callender

Nope but I have a pretty good idea its gonna be a solo lv up followed by a solo level up and I think another solo level up after that one too.


Something that will have horrible prizes.


The calander says faction lvl up, so prepare for a solo lvl up.


faction level up with 6 star toons as the rewards. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hahahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I enjoy your youtube channel quite a bit. :smile:

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And I also like watching your youtube channel as well. Crack up every time you tried to get Rosa. No luck here either but no where near as many attempts as you did. Forgot if you finaly got her or not. If not then best of luck for the next time!

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I play two regions and got her on one. That was why I said my comment above ^^ was going to focus on getting some 4* Greens to try for Rosa a few times… I guess that will have to wait a week before I prepare for more Marcus’ to arrive lol


Thank you so much! I’m on attempt 13 or 14 myself, I’m starting to think Rosa hates me :pensive:

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Then I wish you luck as well on your next attempt. My white whale is the yellow Clementine. One day…lol

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One day :sob: good luck man. Clem is great, I don’t have the yellow one either

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do u know what time faction sr starts?

They are usually back to back… so as soon as this current event ends… the next one starts. Sometimes its not til just after rewards… one or the other.

Did you Said Green 4* :smile:? Sorry, this was fitting perfect

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thanks ebola

Hey all.
Any news on the next event? Are we getting a FLU?

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Yep. Faction level up next

Thank you :sunglasses: