Next event? Minimum 15 characters


Still no calendar update on next event @kalishane will this be sorted anytime soon.


I would have to guess blitz war is back on the table?

If the issue was because the general player base didn’t have 9.3 update but beta testers did, this issue is now resolved?


Yeah just would be better not to have to guess haha


The last time scopely sprung a blitz war on us out of nowhere, vk didn’t know about it until after it started.


Seems like glitch’s in this patch are rampant and causing a lot of minor inconveniences i doubt we’ll have a blitz, but it sure would be nice.


It’s like being back in the early days of twd rts when we played guess the next event :joy:
However gotta say back then we didn’t have this many issues bug wise ext


An Event Calendar is an important tool of any game. I’m surprised they haven’t updated it or even let us know about the next event (Which is their obligation…).

But then again, this is Scopes. I’m not surprised. c:


I’m hoping we do get a blitz war… probably wishful thinking though.
Myself and many others can collections are depleted and it’s frustrating.
Not to mention we all out of basic tokens!.. you know it’s dire when the basic tokens are gone :joy::joy::joy: