Next Double Payout Tapjoy Dealie

Do we have any info on if itll happen near the end of the month like it has been for a while? Just wanna be sure I’m not missing anything

I’m hoping it’s this Thursday or Friday.

That’s what I’m hoping. I’m down to 16k coins and need to fill the coffers a bit. I’m still working on a 20k offer to but wanna stay over 20800 so I can do the guaranteed 100 pull

Is it still even worth doing pulls? I keep pulling those shitty cakes.

Only if you’re extremely lucky or can at least get the 100 pull guaranteed. Otherwise I avoid pulling

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Yeah most of the time I do 10 pulls. Pulling the cakes pisses me off, I’d rather have a 4 star as they’re semi-useful as fodder at least.

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