Next CRW Suggestion

Please, please, please i have 2 suggestions for the new CRW.

  1. if you are doing a stash please add an open all button. No one wants to waste 10 - 15 mins opening 60 or so tokens.

  2. If you do have a stash again please remove the RNG from the reward and let us choose which of the 4 toons we want.

No one wants to war all weekend for an Alpha who is no use anywhere, guess what i wasted a lot of cans and time and effort for :frowning:

next CRW i dont even wanna war now lol


My suggestion: give everyone an RNG bag with 100% of 1* characters, and 0% of Erika or Lydia, but don’t advertise the 1* part.


I found that opening each token individually was very pleasurable

Crw is their premier event. People scoring over a million. Crw should have a new toon as the prize. One new toon a month is more than reasonable. Bring back the excitement of fighting for worth while rewards.


wow that would be some next level trolling lol. imagine warring all weekend and when you opened your bag a 1* toons popped up on your screen doing a nelson from the simpsons “HA HA” lol

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yeah it should. used to love waiting for war to see what the prizes would be.

Look at 1st place, Erin is the reward. Ok we need to win this. (Erin should of been ascended into erika btw)

You look at rewards now and your just like meh


How though?

cos then id have her lol

At least you are honest, gave me a good chuckle.

i know :joy:
i have 0 luck of pulling prems but lots of luck spending coins trying.

Erin was the closest to erika i could think of.

I bet really Erika was created as an ascended Erin, you know back when they said "Dont worry 6s wont be on the premier wheel, you can only get them from ascending old characters. The designer finished the artwork and was like “look boss i think this toon will be bad ass when we release it” and the boss went “We aint giving that away for free, take the hat off and we can make some serious $$$$”

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i hated it, so boring. At least 10 at a time wouldnt be so bad

Not sure how many finger taps on the stash was my big issue with war rewards…

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Another suggestion - please make war tokens persistent between wars so that the smaller factions can save up over a few wars to (hopefully) get something decent from the stash that’s worth the effort.


Totally shit :confused:
Only top 6 or 7 ( if hit last milestones ) factions get 5* ascendable from War Stash ( CRW ) and 8 or higher need to pay to get 5* ascendable. And it will be unfair if they choose their rewards and they get stronger and others not! It broke balance little by little and imagine only 2 or 3 factions left in your region ( others quit bcuz of shit rewards )

So stop being selfish , only care about yourself and faction mates not others :unamused:

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Provide a new wheel of only ascendable toons all with the same odds. You can either add or remove toons over time to keep it fresh but with the catalogue of ascendables we have now, there is plenty of selection. Give out tokens for this new wheel in war only. That way lower level players can save up and still eventually get a pull, because let’s face it, if you are in a low level faction and won’t even get enough tokens to open half of one of these stashes you might as well take the weekend off.

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Better match ups no one wants to spend an hour getting ready for war and the next 30 minutes getting slaughtered by rank 1 faction. Better rewards all that for nothing, no sir.

How about adding the bag in the stash? this way at least people get a chance to get something, while the factions that get enough tokens can still 100% pull the bag, this bag being a completion reward is bs… Specially when 90% of the stash is crap.

Because people will complain about the low odds. “ItS tOo LoW mAkE tHe OdDs HiGhEr We DiDnT wAr FoR nOtHiNg”

They need to change this stash somehow. Let players hold to to war tokens or something. Right now, lower players have no way of getting characters from war. At least in the past they could save up after a few.


We have war like once every 3 years, so letting players hold onto coins wouldn’t be a bad idea.