Next crw prizes?

the last 12 crw have been wheel tokens as the main prize…but what will it be this weekend? does that mean we get new wheel or are we getting 5star tokens? if so u will create more negative reviews then u ever had, and that says something lol. think about this before it acctually happens. yall made terrible decisions before, dont let this be one of them.


Probobly we got new event or whell or anything else.


You’ll need to subscribe to see the prizes, or more likely, to receive them, Sound about right? :man_shrugging::thinking::rofl:


Just $25 and you get the prizes without play

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People seem to have forgotten what we received before special wheel tokens… 5 star tokens.

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yes but if it is 5star tokens i expect a wheel update at least

Not gonna happen for a while. We just had one a few months ago. Took almost a year to get a new one.

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What?We almost everytime had tokens from new whells as reward so i think scopes make new event like Y3 or Lucky tokens.

Maybe Bryan will be the reward

if that is true we riot lol

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