Next comics collection?

Harrison (comics #6) and Ivy (comics #7) collections are about to end, so, can we have some leaks about the next ones?

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Doc and Zach for 50 comics or 3100 collectibles

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And seriously ivy for 100 comics lol? I wouldn’t get her even by 10


Zach was featured in the first round of collections with Donny and shield Jesus, so I doubt he will return.

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She sucks a lot. I can name a lot of gen 1 toons better than her lol.


Well hopefully some bide or payback they’re the only ones that still relevant against s-class


Any answer to this @GR.Scopely?

Are the comic toon collections a thing of the past?

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Would like to know one way or the other, are they a thing of the past?

Or will something unlock soon?

Thanksgiving and all…

Without this collections comic will be useless so doubt that they will give up this

No answer again. They can tell at least that they will still continue comics collection instead of just keep in silence. Still a lot of quetions are have no answers.

Waiting for another smug reply from jb on this one … lord knows he will troll again today


Need bigger amounts of collectibles and allowed to buy multiple.

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Comics #8 is the option of Diago instead of Harrison. If anyone went for Harrison instead, you mad.

Fixed it for you

Maybe it’s not updated because no one has SC anymore

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50 comics = 500 red cakes make it happen scopely!!!

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Id like to trade 501 red cakes for 50 comics. Lol. I don’t need cakes But I could use the comics to buy the cones I need. Lol.

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Yeah why buy the middleman lol

Scopely is gonna have to add another comic collection if they want to keep SC subscribers and they’re gonna need to add a different S-class collectable. I almost maxed out knives 21/22 for Christa.