Next batch of Legacy toons— PC

Seeing as Maggie is the last of the promised legacy toons to be released by October, I think it’s important for us to voice our opinion on which toons scopely should focus on making ascendable. Too often, the toons they choose are outside of the meta or not powerful enough. I know there has been a few threads on this but it’s more important now that PC can get in the developers ear. This list is assuming they follow recent trend and stick close to the 5 star card. Please feel free to add any you think should be considered:

Alert Magna “Call To Arms” – starting off with an easy one. She has been leaked already. She would be useful on both offense and defense. On attack, her defense down and attack up combo is something f2p desperately need.

Priya — She would be a fantastic control toon for most f2p and would fit in with their best available lead of Michelle.

Ezekiel “Survival Road” — Would be a nice melee lead for those who haven’t pulled Camilla and you can’t go wrong with his buffs. One of the few five stars that survived the six star era.

Victor — Another nice option as a leader (something f2p desperately need more of). His rush is also very useful with his defense down. Another five star that survived the six stars.

Heath “The Whisperer War” — This is a tough one. Similar to command Glenn already but his buffs are a bit stronger and last longer. Honestly think he would have to come in at 85ap. He’s pretty OP.

Kate “Ties That Bind” — Even though the meta has shifted away from shield somewhat, I’m sure they will be back. She’s an absolute treasure with focus, attack up and healing.

Michonne “Prestige Edition” — Awesome AR and because F2P should be nearing prestige 12 level and get a chance to use her.

Norma “In Too Deep” — Don’t laugh, she’s the five star version of Diego. She needs a bit of a boost. 200 damage, -40 defense and impair for two turns sounds amazing to me.

Dr. Stevens “Road To Survival #1” — This would be a fun character to play with with his AP boosts. Clearly not as good as six star Doc Stevens but a nice replacement for those that don’t have him.

Carl “What Comes After #2” — A favorite during the five star era, he can be the f2p Zach. Instead of the annoying Maim, he can keep the damage. His -20 ap to 4 would be awesome. Useful on both attack and defense.

Glenn “Something to Fear” — I remember missing out this OP card during five stars. Amazing lead skill, hits three, debuffs three and heals three of yours. A perfect multi-kit toon in the same mold of Alice and Diego.

I’m sure there are more but these are just some examples of toons that could really help out most players, even spenders. Hopefully we see some of these in the next set of leaks. Thanks.


Any 5* that isn’t rare really can work they can change whatever they want just look at the first Maggie she was an awesome 5* and the 6* changed and was poop

ewwwwwwwww need better 5s

For me the only 5* matter now to become 6* is Kate


No. I still use some of them. They will ruin their 6s version :roll_eyes::weary:


red negan
fast angela
fast sawyer
red karmen rick
konrad for f2p
blue carl with his own gun
green jes
green lead negan <

2nd post should be them ones ?

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I think buff toons would be a good option. Personally the one I want made ascendable is lead Ezekiel (don’t remember if he had a title or not) which has +80% atk and +40% def for all teammates for 2 turns as his rush.

Loved all the op’s picks

Here’s a couple of mine:


I can get behind this, I have a few of them already

I don’t care about which ones they are personally, only that they have some kind of use besides level up points. Haven’t had a good legacy toon since donny/Eric


dual katana michonn to become ascendable my only wish atm lol

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Actually Maggie should be the last one , cause now we need a list of legacy 6* who will became S class
6* are dead man


Yea I doubt that’s going to happen but we’ll see.

Good choices, let’s see how they butcher them if they listen

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Love it.

Now let’s push for a flood of toons ready to ascend.

If they dropped 5-10 which is possible,
Not saying this would fix the gap but add a bunch of new life into the game.

And yes might make scopley a few bucks.
They are so back logged its Worth a try.


Love these picks @Rickygrimes

I’m down with all those picks and I’d never laugh at Norma. Got her for 10th place in a faction level up years ago, she was among my first ever 5* at the time, ran my Walker team for ages.

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I was hoping green led would be on there just because most people have him

To talking about new 6* in the era in S-Class is little weird :slight_smile: Maybe they should ascend all left 5* to S-class or no point!

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Tbf, at this point and at this rate of release, i’ll be content with the new legacies being bugfree, thats all! :grin:

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