Next 6*! Who would you choose?


If you could choose the next Ascendable 5*, from what is already out there, who would it be?


Clementine amarilla lider


Without a doubt. Keep her rush exactly the same just make it 66ap. Add Retribution 2 and something like recover taunt to her active and we are gtg.

Best single pull before the dawn of the 6-stars. She was amazing and now she’s useless.


Priya 100%!


Double katana Michonne


Michonne rd to survival 4 or a toon like red clem who was never usable


God no! She nearly broke the game as a 5*, please don’t bring her back as a 6*


Ben for the first F2P anti-range. That’ll help tons with that annoying SR stage with the two Abrahams.


I’d go for Hunter, which is handy cos he’s on the list.

Damn he better be as good as he was in the 5* era


Hunters on the new list so wish granted


I know…


You know they are gonna pull a Kai on Hunter. No way is he gonna revive two toons. If somehow he does stay unchanged its gonna be at least 85 ap or higher so no good on def. He will be dead long before he can go off.


My thoughts were the same


Monica :alert:


Eric or Green Morgan


Any Morgan wouldn’t hurt or Jesus there’s so many


Ugh I hope not


You guys are thinking of the same ones I had in mind when I posted this, but how about red glenn?


Any of the 5* from the SR depot. Like most 5* they don’t have much use anymore and there’s no point for people to save up for them, especially with all the multi tools you need to get just to max them.


Good point!!