Next 6*.Vote now!


So vote who you want as next 6* guys

  • P2p 6*
  • Legancy 6*

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Plese scopes look at this


Scopes will not look at this much less actually acknowledge it lol




f2p from list


Scopley will be delighted to see 29% of their customer base want more premier toons to buy.

The other 71% can take a running jump off the nearest multi story car park for all they care.


Personally, I can’t wait for the first Legancy 6* to be released


It is time to use my Subaru Legancy and drive to the cinema for watching Tron:Legancy

To the encouragement for voting here, to bring scope to a decicion which one next:


Andrea and Duane were released about 2 weeks apart. Unless the remaining legacy toons were promised before the end of the year - I don’t recall that - I wouldn’t expect another legacy before November.


you guys think red conrad will be assendable in the near future? need a red shield toon


1 legacy and 1 p2p per week would be good.


We’ve had two now this month. As much as I would like them to keep up with releasing Legacy toons at a faster rate. I’m fully expecting another 2 month wait till the next one… I hope I’m wrong.


I honestly thought it said which do I think will happen instead of which do I want. You also forgot a third option. The rare f2p event six star


If he does become ascendable, I hope Priya gets it too. She’s also in the league store and would most likely be a beast.


He isn’t on the list of upcoming ascendable legacy. So doubtful


The only remaining toon I have off the list is Carley and with like 4 or 5 toons left still to come out and several months before they make a new list, I don’t even care anymore.


Popular today


You know when I clicked on this Topic I hoped for a real vote who should be next (annoyed grummel)


cant wait till they release another p2p, and u create another thread complaining about.


Blue dwight please


where is this list at?