Next 6* ascendable.Vote!


Who you want?.

@JB.Scopely.Plese lisen your pleyers scopely

  • Any legancy
  • P2p
  • Carley
  • Duane

0 voters


My vote is for a “legancy” never saw one before but now I want one !! Has to be cool


I voted p2p cause you know scopes aint gonna release another legacy ascendable in 3 months


I want Knox as the next.


I want Knox


Yes but duane and carley have 6*s models.


Where did you saw Carley?


Duane or Rose i assume


Rose* sorry


Oh, Okay. (Disapointing Walk Away)


choices are limited


I want Dale but I can go for Axel


Knox and he should be the first melee huge to all melee when attacking. #meleelivesmatter


No, he needs to keep a Specialst Skill. I would go for keeping Neutralize, Hemorage or Disarm… :sweat_smile: (I know it’s not going to happen)


There are literally 0 melee huge AP when attacking, I would trade his specialist skills, virgin albino goat tears, and a right nut for that


No, we absolutely NEED for (F2P) Characters with Specialist Skills


F2P normally get shat on in this game, I don’t think this will be anything different, but I’ll Pat you on your head and tell you keep surviving


Release them all at the same time NOW so people can see the options


I think they keep Carly to be realsed with the next TTG final season ep2 ,


I’d love to see OG :tough: Romanov even though he was never on a list. Just my favorite toon is all lol

But for the sake of the poll any Legacy.