Newest Update causing so many problems in game


Whilst many players are still waiting for the betas update with seasons event added into it, the beta players have had another update (130mb) since the seasons update and the most notable problems of before are still prevalent

  1. Survival road restarting because of a problem (sometimes forcing a player to reply the same level again with the energy spent on previous play being taken off the amount)

  2. Territories resets more than ever, even before you attack and uses up an energy

  3. Most annoyingly … Calibration has decreased in the game. the last 24 hours since i have updated have seen more problems with the calibration that anything, you target a character and as soon as you move your finger away it deselects the character … this happened not once but twice on Survival road last night and conveniently hitting the reflect walkers on both times … which coincidentally was 1 out of about 6 other walkers on screen.
    Also in character selecting during level ups the button to confirm is also selecting other characters or deselecting them. this becomes annoying when you are pre-levelling up ready for an event. Whereas i like to boost their level to the last point where a 1* character will pass the next levelling point on a character and at 13,800 renown points for a tier 4 legendary character its unacceptable for this to happen

The worst in all of this happened last night also, i re-opened my app to the tokens available box coming up to which i pressed and it opened up a scavenger mission behind it, i only tapped once on the screen and it automatically opened the mission that was behind the box.

We need to have confirmation boxes pop up as to say do we wish to open a training ground or scavenger mission.

and suffice to say after a lengthy and expensive level up weekend to get a mission and place 6* all level 1 in there and have them wasted the day before another level up is so dis-heartening as i spent a lot of money for items, world refills etc to get them to a certain level for it to open before an event. (as close as i have come to rage quitting the game for sure)

We need to see better system in place for these types of missions. I suggest a lock or a confirmation box to pop up confirming if you wish to get rewards from your scavenger missions


I second this.


It seems like they changed the core game as it access the internet.

While it use to allow you to do things like build a team or event get through a whole stage without having to check the internet it now constantly refreshes. This in turn is causing games to get out of sync and resets.

Based on what I have observed it seems like they changed the connection level. I am in an area with not the best signal and can see the game dropping in and out all the time including chat.

It is a huge problem I agree.


I constantly get network errors now too, ruins the flow of the game


Problems should be fixed late 2019 to early 2020 but in between more gitchs will come


That’s over a YEAR, or TWO away!!!

Do you honestly think It will take that long?

I figure its part of a 5 year plan at the earliest.


Haha odds are that true


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